SSWS 2018 again co-located with ISWC

Invited Talk:
Amazon Neptune: Building a cloud-native graph database

SSWS 2018 is the twelfth edition of the successful Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems workshop series. This workshop provides a forum for discussing application-oriented issues of Semantic Technologies, with the focus on the development and deployment of systems that turn large volumes of real-world data into actionable knowledge at industry domains. This imposes significant scalability requirements on storage and processing systems and demands for reliable workflows to curate and validate data from various sources. SSWS furthermore invites contributions that integrate methods and results from research on Property Graphs found in Graph Databases for instance as well as approaches that combine Knowledge Graphs with machine learning.

SSWS welcomes submissions that address relevant research results, report on real-world deployments as well as describe benchmarks and capable back ends or system architectures.

As in previous years the SSWS workshop is co-located with the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2018). This year in Monterey, California, USA.

The workshop day is October 9, 2018

Workshop Topics

The workshop will be centered on the discussion of the following aspects:

  • recent ideas and advances towards building scalable knowledge base systems
  • parallelization or optimization of RDF/OWL storage, reasoning and SPARQL querying
  • use-cases presenting Semantic Technologies at industry scale
  • performance evaluations and related principles, methodologies or tools
  • tools and workflows supporting validation and curation of semantic data from various sources
  • approaches to integrate symbolic with sub-symbolic methods such as machine learning
  • combining technology and methods from Property Graphs, RDF Graphs, and OWL reasoning
  • identification of important issues and future research directions with respect to the topics above